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Monday, December 10, 2018

Our services

The software solutions we provide for the desktop, consist of software applications designed for personal and laptop computers. These applications aim to organize, manage and automate the work processes of an enterprise, company, or individual, according to their corresponding requirements. They are divided into the following categories:
  • client
    The client software applications work locally on the personal or laptop computer of each user. Possible data changes are visible only to the specific computer user.
  • client-server
    The client – server software applications consist of a partnership among one or more personal or laptop computers (clients) and a central server computer (server). These applications work on the client computers, but all the data changes apply to the server via the internal company network. This way, all the data changes are shared immediately among all client users of the application without any additional effort.
  • n-tier
    The n-tier software applications extend the client – server functionality by dispatching the workload in multiple servers. This model increases the complexity of a software system, but significantly improves the scalability and system performance (speed and reliability) at the same time.
Internet has grown rapidly over the last decades and has become an integral part of many business firms, companies and individuals. Online advertisement enhances the promotion of products and services to a much wider audience all over the world (comparing to other to traditional means of advertising), leading rapidly and with low cost to increased sales and profits.

The software solutions we provide for the internet consist of software applications formed according to the specific requirements of each of our customers:
  • static web pages (web sites)
    Web sites mainly target small and medium-sized enterprises and come with low cost. They are named as static web pages due to the fact that their content cannot be modified once they get online. Any additional changes should be made after consultation with our company.
  • Dynamic web applications
    Web applications target to to all business firms and organizations and usually are more expensive than web sites. They are named as dynamic web applications, due to the fact that their content can be modified, since the data are fetched data from various sources (databases for example). This feature gives to the visitors of the web application, the ability to actively intervene to selected parts of the pages (interactivity) and allows the organization to manage the application data autonomously itself (content management system - cms), without the intervention of our company.

    They aim, not only to strengthen and promote the business firms over the Internet and to advertise their products and services, but also to positively affect visitors so that they eventually become satisfied customers.
  • electronic commerce (e-shop)
    e-commerce is undoubtedly part of our everyday life, used daily by thousands of Internet users around the world, whose number is constantly increasing. The management of a company sales and products via an e-commerce store offers significant benefits to the company itself and also to its customers.

    Specifically, the continuous operation of the company 24 hours in 24 hours is ensured. This way, customers can visit the pages of the online store anytime and from anyplace they wish, navigate through the electronic catalog of products and finally buy something using secure online money transfer procedures. For the business firm, all the above benefits result in no staff overtime or double shifts, because the e-shop requires minimum staff, leading in fewer costs and more revenues.

    Another advantage is that the products promotion and advertisement is implemented via a communication tool (internet) that combines a rich set of media, such as text, image, sound and video, but also that gives visitors the ability to interactively be involved and do some home shopping.

    Also, there is no argue about the prices reduction of all the products and services for the customers, because of the reduced advertising, production, storage and even product distribution costs (especially when products are distributed directly via internet), the cost reduction of acquiring and keeping customers (especially satisfied ones), the cost reduction of information transportation, the lack of need for a printed version of the products catalog and many others.

    Our company provides integrated software solutions concerning e-commerce in order to satisfy the most demanding customers (administration of products - categories - clients – payment ways – delivery modes - taxes, communication with customers via newsletters, multi-language support and many more)
  • personal blog (blog)
    There is no argue about the usefulness of personal blogs. Millions of users around the world visit personal blogs in order to investigate, get informed, communicate with others and express their opinions on all the topics they are interested in.

    soft4real provides integrated solutions that address individuals who wish to to keep their visitors up to date upon issues of common interest.
  • retailers enforcement (ESPA)
    Our company offers professional solutions for strengthening retailers through programs ESPA. These solutions may include web sites, web applications, e-shops, web campaigns and web promotion (google analytics, adsense, digital marketing, adwords, social networking), search engine optimization (SEO) and many others.
  • promotion – advertising of business firms
    The importance of advertisement and promotion is something everyone knows and accepts. Using the internet and the software solutions our company provides, our clients can benefit more, comparing to other traditional media of advertising and expand their business firms in areas that weren’t possible to be covered, get into action in markets that would otherwise be impossible to reach, promote their products to a more specialized audience, immediately inform their customers about new products and services they provide, etc… Moreover, all of the above benefits come with much lower costs comparing to other traditional means of advertising, allowing 24 hours a day worldwide access, rich multimedia content (photos, video, graphics, etc ...) and easy, continuous and rapid update of the products and services catalog.

    The software services that soft4real provides, allows for the promotion and advertisement of a business firm on the internet, in a professional, reliable and inexpensive way.
  • Web hosting and maintenance
    In order to host our internet applications, we use the means and technologies provided by the most reliable, innovative and professional hosting providers all over the world.

    In our company, we take full responsibility for hosting and supporting every internet application we develop for our customers. Supporting an internet application includes many aspects like handling possible errors that may arise, storing preservation copies (backups), keeping statistic tracks, etc...
  • managing electronic mail (e-mail lists)
    Electronic mail (e-mail) is the most popular means of communication in most countries of the world. It is a tool that enforces the communication between business firms and customers inexpensively and offers more possibilities than other traditional means of communication, like the phone for example.

    Our company undertakes the mission to manage and maintain our client e-mails providing email addresses based on the client’s domain name, to organize the e-mail lists and finally to forward e-mails to their corresponding lists.
  • domain name registration
    Our company undertakes the domain name registration of our customer internet applications we develop for the time limit that will be agreed.
  • search engine optimization (SEO )
    Once the internet application becomes operational (on-line), the next goal is for the web pages to become “findable” from any visitor would like to know about the company products and services, prior to finding the web pages of some other competitor. This is possible only by having the web pages rank well on the search engines results for a specific keyword.

    Surveys have shown that search engines receive millions of visits every day and that most internet users visit web sites via search engines. Because of the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of web sites out there, with similar products and services, the possibility of a web page to rank at the top of a search results for a specific keyword is very small. This reduces the chances for a visitor to find out your web pages via search engines, since the competing web pages rank better.

    soft4real applies techniques in order to improve the search engines web site ranking for the keywords that our clients target (white hat SEO. These techniques apply both to the development phase of a web site (inner SEO) and to the going online phase by organizing promotion “campaigns” and by exchanging links with external and content-relevant web sites (external SEO).
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    The latest trend in marketing industry that benefits from the technology, in order to promote company services and products is called Social Media Marketing (SMM).

    Social Media Marketing (SMM) aims to promote a business brand, advertise and promote their services and products, strengthen its relationship with potential customers and attract new customers using the most popular social networking site communities (facebook, twitter, YouTube, flickr, blogger, etc). This way, at minimum cost, a target group of millions of potential customers is created, who visit the social sites on a daily basis and actively participate.

    Our company takes to organize and implement targeted Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaigns, depending on your specific requirements, studying the market and the target group you aim. We also undertake to inform you of the progress of this activity and to propose strategies by analyzing the results.
The software solutions we provide for the intranet aim to organize, manage and automate the work processes of an enterprise or company, using the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - MOSS platform, according to their corresponding requirements.

The management of the company information from within an intranet web portal based on the MOSS platform and the development of electronic forms using Microsoft InfoPath technology, while supporting Workflow mechanisms, help to automate the work processes and procedures of an organization, such as checking and approving work documents, managing costs and revenues, licensing staff, etc. ..

In particular, the use of MOSS platform results in professional web portal systems that employees can use as a handy search tool for all the information and corporate data they need for their daily work, tapping the information that is scattered in various places (e-mails, hard disks, network folders, applications, etc...). Moreover using the MOSS platform enhances the effective cooperation of employees and provides a central point to store all kind of information in any means (written, work lists, reports, decision papers, etc...).

At the same time, especially for the specific needs of parts of an organization such as Human Resources, Marketing, Purchasing Department, IT etc…, the usage of Microsoft InfoPath electronic forms and the implementation of automated Workflow procedures via a web portal system minimize the overall completion time of processes that have to do with managing costs and revenues, travel requests, order requests, monitoring data on competition, etc...
The software solutions we provide for the mobile devices concern handheld computers (SmartPhones) and mobile phones, that mainly use the Microsoft Windows Phone operating systems.

The mobile devices software applications aim to organize, manage and automate the work processes of an enterprise, company, or individual, according to their corresponding requirements.

The specificity of mobile devices software applications has to do with the fact that they provide to the user the ability to work remotely away from his workplace. The work is synchronized either at the same time (synchronously) via a wireless network - where available - or in a later stage (asynchronously) by connecting the portable device to the main company’s server at the user’s workplace.