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Software solutions for the desktop, web and mobile devices

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Monday, December 10, 2018
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Company profile

soft4real is a new software company located in Greece (Patras), that develops, installs and supports software solutions for the desktop, internet, intranet and mobile devices.

In soft4real we are a team of junior and senior software engineers and associates, with many years of experience in the field of software development and information technology and deep scientific knowledge on the technologies we use. We develop software for the last 10 years using tools and technologies provided by Microsoft corporation. We also try to keep updated as far as the latest software technologies and trends are concerned and for this we participate in leading world wide software development seminars (Microsoft Teched for Developers). Hence, we have the ability to provide high standard professional software solutions.

What makes us different from other software development companies is our fresh ideas and our continuous research and study on the latest innovative software technologies and trends that when mixed with older and well established technologies allow us to achieve the best combination of reliability, efficiency, usability, security and economy for our customers.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the best services to our clients by developing professional, reliable, usable and cost effective software solutions that completely meet their expectations.

We plan on growing the number of our satisfied clients by providing them high standard professional software solutions and by supporting them with consistency.

The clients we are targeting

The software solutions we provide target to individuals, small, medium and large scale companies and businesses, in order to automate their daily work, organize their inner processes, manage their data and promote their firms.

Also, in our company, we have a special interest on the capabilities that internet provides. Internet has grown rapidly over the latest years and has become an integral part of many companies, businesses and millions of individuals. Business advertisement via internet enables the promotion of products and services to a much greater audience world wide (comparing to traditional means of advertisement), leading rapidly and mainly with minimum cost to a much greater number of sales and profit to the organization.